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My vision is to provide a platform of biotechnology education and research at the interface of multiple discipline. The vision is to produce human resources tailored to drive Innovation in biotechnology particularly in the area of new opportunities and also to fill gap in deficient area attaining new heights in biotechnology research. Shaping biotechnology into a premier precision tool of wealth and ensuring social justice for the welfare of poor 


My key role is in the development of researches based in biotechnology. Overall goal is to discover novel findings that can be used to generate useful patent. I promote research, innovation the vision is to produce human resources tailored to drive innovation in biote5,particularly in area of new opportunities and fill the talent gap in deficient area.


Frontline area of science with immense potential for benefit of the human kind to create awareness about potential of biotechnology.  Mission to instill spirit of innovation and creativity in young minds with sound research aptitude to nutritive confident individuals who are effective contributors toward growth of the nation